Merry Christmas Every One

Posted: 12/25/2012 in Christmas

Christmas Treeand a happy new year to you all, here is a Christmas quiz you can play if you find your self sick of TV or stuffed with all the Christmas trimmings:



1) How fast would Santa have to travel to deliver all his presents?

Answer: 650 miles a second.

2) In the 12th century French nuns left socks full of fruit, nuts and tangerines at the houses of the poor – what is todays tradition that was start by the Nuns?

Answer: tangerines in stockings

3) In the Bible, how many wise men pay homage to baby Jesus?

Answer: None – Matthew’s Gospel referees to merely “wise men” so who knows…

4) How many Christmas Trees are grown each year in Europe, 10 Million, 50 Million, 60 Million or 120 Million?

Answer: 60 Million

5) How tail was the tallest Christmas tree? 128ft, 221ft, 240ft or 321ft

Answer: 221ft – and was erected in Washington shopping mall in 1950

6) What was the original name for the Christmas song, Jingle Bells? – Clue, its in the song

Answer: One Horse Open Sleigh

7) What was the traditional Christmas meal in England before turkey?

Answer: A Pigs Head and Mustard

8) How tail was the worlds largest snowman? 113ft, 207ft, 518ft or 821ft

Answer: 113ft

9) Where was the worlds largest Christmas Cracker, messaging 45.72m long by 3.04m pulled?

Answer: Australia – in 1991

10) What is the bestselling Christmas single of all time?

Answer: Bing Crosby’s White Christmas – its sold over 50 Million copies since 1942


Match the country to their name for Santa:


1) Kriss Kringle

2) Le Befana

3) Pere Noel

4) Deushka Moroz


A) Italy

B) Russia

C) Germany

D) France

Answer: 1C, 2A, 3D, 4B

And in parting – Carols began as an old English custom called wassailing, toasting neighbours to a long life – so in keeping with tradition I would like to wish you all a long life and happy Christmas.


OMG this must be a joke…

…But it’s not, it’s a real answer phone message

So it was Wednesday morning rush hour and I was stuck on the A14 in traffic getting board of the sight of the lorry in front of me, when I noticed a Swan, yes a Swan on the side of the road, as in the same side of the barrier as the traffic.

The funny thing is, as I was thinking “crazy bird” it looked at me and, if it could talk, or I could read its mind, or if I was Doctor Dolittle then I would swear that it was saying / thinking the exact same thing about me but¬†because¬†I ¬†(and¬†hundreds¬†of other drivers that had already pasted it) were stuck in tin cans, going nowhere fast.

So who was more crazy, me or the Swan? At that point in time I think the Swan was feeling better about life then I was.

The following isn’t my Photo, but it’s very funny:

I’ve had my iPhone 5 since it came out and have been using a nice, cheep silicon case since I’ve had the phone, and its performed perfectly well.

But the other day i thought I’d go for a nice new case, so I started looking and couldn’t find any thing that i really wanted, its not until I was about to post a blog on this very subject from said phone… something along the lines of iPhone 5, to case or not to case that is the question… when i realised if there was one case it would be the one with a slide out keyboard.

The reason being, as great as the WordPress app is, and indeed the phone I find trying to use the on screen keyboard for any sizeable text to be almost impossible and forget editing, there just isn’t the screen real-estate needed.

So I’ve gone for it and purchased the ultra thin slide out case. It’s not the cheapest case (35 pounds) and its not the thinest.


In fact its about as thick as the phone it self and weighs more. But then again its a keyboard and a case and for me, it still fits in my pocket fine, after all I’m a 80’s boy so I’m use to phones larger then your house.

There are however some notable problems with the case, for example its an american keyboard so its missing some keys for the UK, the charging point is inline with the lighting connector for the phone, so every thing is cramped when there both on charge.

But there are some great positives, such as the backlight with on / off options, home key to make navigating quick and the overall feel of the case is great, its not like having a cheap extension to the phone, it feels like its made by the same company.

Heres the real surprise, I’ve used the case to make this post on my iPhone with the WordPress app and its taken just as much time as using the full browser would have (granted image take longer to up load).

Overall: this case is great and i would recommend it to any iPhone user that needs to do a lot of text (be it email or blogging) or any one use to the blackberry keyboard and missing it on a new iPhone.

Rating 4 out of 5 (gets marked down as it is a little bulky)

I’m sure every one here has a bad experience with BT or one of the other telephone providers, I mean there all much the same, about the same price, offer the same service and unless you one of the unlucky ones there available all over the UK, I’m not saying monopolies are bad for consumers but there isn’t much good with them.

Lets start with the back story:
I moved house on the 9th, and moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, for the life of me I still don’t know why I thought I would do the move my self (with some help from my friend Phil and Dad). My understanding of why it’s so stress full is the requirement of dealing with all the¬†companies¬†one¬†avoids¬†contact with unless needed, the Gas company, the bank, the telephone company with all of them your¬†sure¬†to get one jobs worth monkey that will turn the¬†simplest¬†thing into a nightmare.

Lucky for me, and respect where respect is due EDF, The bank and others where all very helpful and made¬†moving address easy and I’m like…

Alas that’s where my luck ran out, I tried BT’s¬†web site¬†two weeks before my move as per their recommendation, and after¬†logging¬†in and selecting moving address I completed all the required details and I was thinking “grate this is easy” – famous last words. The site was thinking about my move for what seemed like ages to tell me that my service was the best it could be… What, I wasn’t asking about improving my service, I was happy with my service – WTF

So I gave up with their website and made forth to my phone and called customer service, the very friendly chap informed me to tell BT after the move and they would get me set up in no time.

Any hows, I get delayed what with moving box’s, dealing with the new and old letting agents and unpacking, it’s not until 12th comes that¬†¬†I call BT customer services, again a very friendly chap answered the phone and after¬†answering¬†all the normal questions, you know how many sons does you first uncle have from your mother’s side and whats your inside lower leg¬†measurement, between the computer thinking about my answers I had a great¬†chat¬†with¬†the chap about football and the weather, as we’re both English what else would we chat about and again both being English it turned out to be a¬†depressing¬†conversion (maybe that’s where it went¬†wrong).

Now when (I’m going to call him Jack, not sure what his name was but its Jack now) Jack came back on the phone I could tell something had gone¬†wrong¬† it was the tone in his voice,¬†something¬†between OMG not again and this guy is going to lose it when he heres this – you have to respect his¬†approach¬†however, taken a deep in take of air Jack went on to tell me BT can get the line set up on 21st Jan 2013

OMFG, yep that’s right I added a F… I tried to reason with Jack claiming, if I had to go 3 months with out broad band not only would I lose all contact with the outside world, that the first new-born baby of every¬†family would be still-born and the resulting chaos would make the¬†seven horsemen of the apocalypse look like a feature¬†length¬†version of my little pony:¬†

But alas it was outside Jacks control, it was in the control of Openreach, a sub contractor… I know just what you need a traditionally very¬†inefficient¬†company to use is a contractor sounds great.

So I went on the hunt for a new provided, one that had more control on Openreach (it turns out that all the¬†companies¬†need Openreach – great fix to a¬†monopoly, sell one part of it off and give them all the business… great just great… In fact:

Virgin to the Rescue: 

Virgin where able to get me up and running in a week, which was great, their staff where no more helpful, in fact they where if any thing a little less friendly, but they clearly have the one line to control all lines made in the flames of mount, ok you get the idea. Alas the¬†engineer¬†was late, but he was able to get the internet and phone line working (but not the TV… There is always¬†something¬†isn’t there).

Naturally once I had confirmation that BT where not able to help me, and Virgin where I contacted BT and told them to cancel my service as put frankly they need to get there act sorted and offer reasonable installation dates or lose more customers like me.

Thats not the end to it: 

Now you would have¬†though¬†that once I had a service with Virgin and informed BT to cancel their service that would be it, and you’ve most likely worked it out by now but nope, BT thought not only would they have a rubbish website, pain in the ass telephone system (not the people, just the menu system) that they would then send me a bill for line rental past the 12th Nov… OMG again, I emailed them to confirm I had cancelled my service on the 12th to only get a very short and rather snotty email back saying “you have to call us to cancel”.

I know, I know I to was like “come on, I already tried that and it didn’t work” so I was back on their website and though lets try their chat with a member of the staff instant message service – which worked a treat – if you ever need to contact BT then I recommend you use this method, its quick and easy and seems to get results as well.

End result, the Lady that ended up calling me was able to check the complete history and confirmed that BT would cancel my service from the 12th Nov and confirm the last bill shortly.

Is there a moral to the story: 

Well yes and no…

Yes Telephone Companies work in a monopoly in terms of pricing, service and support

Yes Telephone companies are the worst companies when it comes to communicating with Customers

Yes Moving is a pain in the arse

and No my world would not have ended with out Internet but its better with it in my life.

Oh and I have internet, TV and a working telephone line – I hope that I wont have to contact my new telephone provider any time soon.








Stephen Mcattie

Lisa Houle

Georgina Reilly


Whats it About: 

Yep its a Zombie movie, set in the deep winter in Canada where a once big time radio star, Grant Mazzy (played by Stephen) is starting his shift at a small town local radio station, with a young production hand in Laurel-Ann Drummond (played by Georgina) clearly has a crush on him and with Sydney Briar (played by Lisa) as his new boss. Grant is trying to push back and get his listeners wound up but not understanding the local people his often called up by Sydney who later explained to Grant why his made a mistake.

Any hows shortly into the show it becomes clear that there is something going on in the town, something big, but the small crew are not sure what is going on or if its even real until the BBC comes on the line, then it starts to hit home, this is really happening.

And yes its an army of zombies, but they not after your brains, there trying to pass on their virus, which alas happens to kill the host after a short period – there is a¬†twist¬†however as in the (small¬†spoiler¬†alert) virus isn’t your normal bug, but¬†something¬†new, its a word.

Is It Any Good:

Ok the idea that a virus could be a word (I get that it could be in the right context, but this movie misses that context by some way) is a little silly, hell it’s a lot silly but that’s why I like this movie, its got great¬†character¬†and although the action¬†doesn’t¬†really start until half way in, the building of the¬†suspense¬†is good, you know there is something happening but you’re not sure what. The setting of a radio show really works well, the casts are drawn into describing how their feeling and the information there getting which adds to the building suspense, although at times it was a little¬†reparative, however you can forgive any film that¬†provided¬†it keeps you¬†interested¬†and Pontypool did just that.

Overall: Because it still had me thinking “you¬†don’t¬†want to do that” but still happy that they did… 4 out of 5

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